How to become a better person?

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If you are new to the game of dating women or just broke up with your girl , then I suggest you read this article in the below link. Here is passage from this blog ” Many people project this image of themselves to be such a cool guy or girl ( if your also interested in women). But women know what your hiding from them and can easily see it through you. So I propose a better way of doing things. Instead be your self. List down all the amazing personalities and attitudes that you have to offer to the world and start working on improving them one by one.”

And if you want  to learn the true art of developing a steady conversation with any and everyone then check out this article:

Once you reached third base with women then  you need to read this article. From research it has been found that an astonishing 70 % of women (or even more) have faked their Orgasms when in bed with their partner. Now here is another fact for guys to know, Your tool isn’t going to help the situation any further. Read all about it here: and also this link:

If want to get better at conversational skills then check out this link: one-said-i-love-you-to-you/” target=”_blank”>

OK so now you already got the girl but are not sure if it is going to last then check this out: HTTP://

If you and your partner run out of activities and your bored of each other then have a look at how palm reading can keep your relationship stronger, this applies to even new couples and just friends as well:

Also if you think that your date is a bit  of a flaker and does not show up on times then this is the best place to have a look and help your self with making better choices with women:

I recently added in new blogs which I think would be a real contribution to those who have difficulty communicating with others. Have a look at the above links and let me know your thoughts and comments. I am always looking for new materials that will be a great contribution to the world of dating and you are most likely going to get a response to your comments. Until then vboy123 signing out.


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