Monster Madness Achievement List Xbox 360

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Monster Madness Achievement List Xbox 360:

<u>Fashion Show</u> – Unlock every character costume.
<u>Monsterologist</u> – Unlock every Bestiary entry.
<u>Maniac!</u> – Kill 10,000 monsters.
<u>Long, Hard Road Out Of Suburbia</u> – Travel 1,000 kilometers
<u>Archaeologist</u> – Collect 72 Specialty Melee Weapons!
<u>”It’s Mine! ALL MINE!”</u> – Collect 10,000 Monster Tokens across all characters.
<u>Trap Assassin</u> – In Zack’s House, use your cunning to defeat all of the enemies with traps! (on Thriller or higher)
<u>Prowler On The Roof</u> – Collect all weapon parts in Streets of Suburbia. (on Thriller or higher)
<u>Did Someone Order Chinese?</u> – Find a way to deal with that pesky Granny evil cat shield! (on Thriller or higher)
<u>You Got Fur In The Hyperishdrive</u> – Can you escape the garbage trucks of death without boosting? (on Thriller or higher)
<u>Junkyards Just Aren’t The Same</u> – Make a mad dash to Bob Zombie! (on Thriller or higher)
<u>I Said Turn Off Your Car Alarm!</u> – Destroy all those pesky, loud cars in the Parking Lot with your mech! (on Thriller or higher)
<u>The Bodyguard</u> – These gold zombies trust you with their life. Show them you mean business. (on Thriller or higher)
<u>When Household Appliances Attack</u> – Show the monster masses that vacuuming can be fun… by using excessive force! (Thriller or higher)
<u>Grumpy Old Man</u> – He’s old and grumpy, so try to show him you care by not letting him get hurt. (Thriller or higher)
<u>Very Sneaky, Sir</u> – Show them you’re a ninja of the night when taking back what’s rightfully yours. (Thriller or higher)
<u>Does Anyone Clean This Roof?</u> – Collect all weapon parts on Hell School Rooftops. (on Thriller or higher)
<u>Exhumed</u> – Smash all the gravestones in the hidden graveyard and survive the horror! (on Thriller or higher)
<u>Go, Speed Boater, GO!</u> – Zeppelin Flyer X and The Leprechaun has challenged you to beat his record! (Thriller or higher)
<u>What’s That Sound?</u> – Why waste ammo when a massive, angry ball of death will do the work for you? (Thriller or higher)
<u>They Wouldn’t Spend It Properly</u> – Let the monsters know that you’re looking after their best gold interests. (Thriller or higher)
<u>JAILBREAK!</u> – There has to be something useful in the castle jailcells… right? (Thriller or higher)
<u>We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Ammo!</u> – Resupplying is for the weak! Beat the final showdown without buying more ammo! (Thriller or higher)
<u>I Think We’re Being Followed…</u> – Bring out the white knuckled driver in you and blast through the escape! (Thriller or higher)
<u>Honed Survival Instincts</u> – See if you can get far enough going solo in the Co-op Dojo!
<u>A Little Help Goes A Long Way</u> – Grab some buddies and see how many waves you can wade through in the Co-op Dojo!
<u>Killing Machine!</u> – Get 50% of the total kills in a ranked FFA Deathmatch game!
<u>Control Freak</u> – Perform all flag captures in a ranked CTF match!
<u>Are You Crazy?!</u> – Frag 4 players in under half a second in any ranked match!
<u>Monster Survival Guide Pays Off!</u> – Try to win a 10 minute or longer ranked Monster Hunter game without being turned in a monster!
<u>Master Of Your Domain</u> – Enter and never leave the hill in a ranked King of the Hill match!
<u>Leading Noobs To The Slaughter</u> – Destroy the opposing team by having your team win with 100% of the kills in a ranked Team Deathmatch
<u>Your Kung Fu Is Strong</u> – Defeat all challengers using only your melee weapon in a ranked FFA Deathmatch!
<u>High School Flag Team Captain</u> – Become a flag capping beast by using the flag to kill 4 players in a single ranked CTF match!
<u>Nice Guys Finish Last</u> – Become a saint and win a ranked friendly fire token race match without killing any other players!
<u>Have Fun Cleaning The Grill!</u> – Take road rage to the extreme and frag 20 players while driving a vehicle!
<u>Dirty Deeds</u> – Score 10 frags by summoning homing explosive zombies while in zombie form in a single ranked match!
<u>Are You Related To A Belmont?</u> – Don’t just hide. Fight back! Score 30 monster stuns in a single ranked monster hunter match!
<u>Demolitions Expert</u> – Score all frags using only grenades in a single FFA Deathmatch game!
<u>You Deserve A Medal. A BIG One!</u> – Beat the game on madness!
<u>Block Party!</u> – Complete Chapter 1 Suburbia Nightmare
<u>Shop ‘Til You Drop</u> – Completed Chapter 2 Shopping Maul.
<u>School’s Out Foreva!</u> – Completed Champter 3 Hell School.
<u>Graveyards Creep Me Out Too</u> – Completed Chapter 4 Cemetary Scary.
<u>Have Fun Stormin’ the Castle!</u> – Complete Chapter 5 Evil Castle.
<u>A Hard Days Rockin</u> – Play at least 24 hours of the single player adventure.
<u>Homemade Weapon Club Card Holder</u> – Attained all Level 1 weapons.
<u>Homemade Weapon Club Chairman</u> – Attained all Level 2 weapons.
<u>Homemade Weapon Club Founder</u> – Attained all Level 3 weapons.
<u>Accessorize To The MAX!</u> – Carried all secondary items at once.

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