Facebook is going like twitter

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Recently Facebook added two new features , Twitter-like features. Twitter-Style ‘@’ Tag, Users can now “tag” friends or companies that they mention in status updates, and they can use a pared-down version of the site called Facebook Lite that resembles Twitter’s stream of status updates.

The symbol has been part of Twitter etiquette for a long time. When you want to say something publicly to someone, or to include a link to their profile in your tweet, you put an ‘@’ symbol in front of their username. (Example: “At the DT conference with @username.”)

You can now do the same thing on Facebook: when you identify a friend in a status update, they’ll receive a notification and the status change will appear on the wall in their profiles. If it’s too embarrassing, they can also untag themselves. The feature will auto-generate names when you enter part of a friend’s name.

It could open up a lot of doors for tracking a user’s relationships and activity through the network. You could potentially search for all public updates involving a friend as on Twitter’s search engine. It could enable a lot of the customer relations management technology that’s evolved on the Twitter network. On Twitter, if you complain publicly about a brand like a small start-up or even a large airline like Virgin America, their customer representatives could potentially contact you to fix the situation.


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