Archibald City Hotel Review – location, facitities and value for money

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The Archibald City Hotel is not to be confused with the Archibald Hotel by Charles Bridge, as they are completely different; they have different locations, quality and star allocations.


The Archibald in the City is “close” to Wenceslas Square, considering how much you like to walk. On one hand it is too close to take a tram, but on the other hand it is a good 10 minute walk. Still overall I would say the location is good. It is close to the new part of Prague, not the Old Town with all the tourist sites. Prague is a very walk able city, and on my visit we walked from the hotel to the Wenceslas square, crossed over it, and went on to the Old Town, all with ease and with plenty to look at on the way. Of the streets which lead down to the Square from the hotel, some have sex club dives, one has the police station, and others have interesting restaurants and shops. For a route which goes past clothing shops with young fashions, turn right as you exit the hotel and walk down until you cross a small park then turn right. This will lead you past a train station and on to the square, but with plenty of clothes shops on the way.

Value for money: Only if you get the early booking non-refundable price would I book this hotel, as for the same amount I think you could find better hotels in the same location. That said the hotel gives everything it promises to, and nothing is amiss in any big way. My reservation about the price is simply because I expect that little something extra when booking a 4* hotel and this hotel misses that extra something. From my extensive search on the net the best price was from Splendia, in September 2009, at $79 a night for a double room.

Facilities: Thehotel provides everything it advertizes to provide,but somehow misses the mark in making this a special hotel experience. The staff is pleasant, hotel is clean, and beds are reasonably comfortable and there are hairdryer, safe and mini-bar in the rooms. There is no problem with noise but there is no view from the windows. There is air-conditioning, but on our visit we couldn’t get it to change temperature. The rooms are also of a reasonable size. As I said, nothing was missing, but it just had no atmosphere or style. There is free internet on two computers in the lobby. There is parking available.

Food: For breakfast there is a selection of greasy eggs, bacon, sausages and toast, as well as fruit salad, yogurt, cheese, cold meats, and breads. There is no toast.

Overall: If you get a good price definitely stay here, the experience won’t be unpleasant, but if you can get a hotel with more character in the same price range and area then give it a miss.

 Tip: My favorite place in Prague this trip was a market selling bags, jeans, food,t-shirts and odds and ends.


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