Life circle

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I have a friend. A lonely old man who is now resting in the peace… regretting of what he had done….

An object of far higher interest suddenly attracted his eyes. He discovered a star — a solitary star — twinkling dimly in the sky which had now changed its hue to a pale grayish twilight, while vivid touches of color were beginning to flush the eastern sky. It was a serene night, where the plaintive note of that solitary bird of night, slowly repeated at intervals. He gazed out the window where the recumbent clouds obscured the opaque moon. He twisted his old gnarled hands over and over in his lap. It was a bleak winter. He could feel the iciness in his bones, winter’s cold fingers up his spine and he trembled.

“I used to love the coming of winter,” he said sadly . Upon his haggard face was a murky expression. His withered old hands were stroking his pet- a loyal dog. It was a gorgeous creature; boosted with velvet-white fur, a pair of pansy-violet eyes and a comfortable disposition. “That’s right, my pet, when I was a little boy. A long time ago……” He sighed and giggled, remembering despite his words.

“It was such a mesmerizing season. Snow; sparkling white like crystal. How the frigid, winsome winter sunlight danced on the window-pane with myriad of colors… like diamonds,” he murmured. An involuntary sob bubbled in his throat, he closed his dreamy eyes, a benign smile erupted on his face. But when he opened them again, all the traces of the dream vanished. His eyes were cold and jaded. “No more, no more.”

His dog consoled him, as if it understood his bitterness. The beads liked tears leaped into his eyes, a mixture of sorrow and despair washed across his face. His winter would be grizzly, frigid, dismal and lonely… There would be no New Year this year. His days were numbered. No one would visit him. No one would concern about him. He clinched his coat slowly and glanced through the window again. He knew he had the last chance to get out, the last time.

Once he stepped out of the door, the world turned into myriad of color. It was a blazing orange autumn and his garden abounded in flowers and colors. There must be a thousand different shades and tones of blue, red, gold, and yellow. Scarlet leaves swirled around his neck. Brimming with smile, he walked onto the lush greenery lawn. It was all so garish….. In the rich chlorophyll of summer, he saw a cloud, a host of golden daffodils; fluttering and dancing in the breeze. When he stepped a pace forward, the garden was bloomed with yellow and joyous marigolds, and mauve of chrysanthemums. The summer bees danced maddeningly in his eyes; a kaleidoscope of amber, topaz, ruby and sapphire. Moving to the front yard, he sat on the rusty swing, feeling like an innocent, little boy again.

His sight was lingering at the spacious sky. Cold white beam of moonlight fell across his body. He smiled. “3 , 2 …. 1 !” the sound of yelping and laughing stroke into his ears. His eyes widened, instantly clouded with anticipation. The smoke rose up….The fireworks started…. Rockets liked a flight of scintillating birds singing with sweet voices. There were green trees with trunks of dark smoke; their leaves opened liked a whole spring unfolding in a moment, and their shining branches dropped with glowing flowers down upon him, disappearing with a sweet scent just before I touched my upturned face. There were fountains of butterflies that flew glittering into the trees .There were pillars of colored fires that rose and turned into eagles, or a sailing ships, followed by a red thunderstorm and a shower of yellow rain; there was a forest of silver spears that sprang up suddenly into the air with a yell liked an embattled army, came down again with a hiss liked a hundred of hot snakes. The light went out. A great smoke went up. It shaped itself liked a mountain seen in the distance, and began to glow at the summit. It spouted green and scarlet flowers. Out flew a red-golden dragon; fire came from its jaws, its eye glared down. There was a roar and it whizzed 3 times. The dragon passed liked an express train, turned a somersault and burst over with deafening explosion. So perfect, so fabulous.

He went back into his house. The old man sighed: not a sigh of displeasure, but one of the deep content. Stepping out once more into the world had made him feel things he’d thought he had forgotten. They were just lurking inside his lonely heart. Waiting…. and waiting…..“Come here my pet.”The furry animal clambered back to his side,barking in contentment and they sat ,an old man and his dog,each lost in their own thoughts…

That night, the old man dreamed. His dreams were filled with the most brilliant of colors. He dreamed of his golden, blond hair dearest mother, the wedding tuxedo he wore as he walked down the aisle to meet his beloved. He dreamed of the green sprouting day that his first baby was born,the moment he bounced joyfully under enlivening shower of sunshine;his children were scampering past,shrieking and laughing..suddenly plunged into darkness.He wept as he bashed his wife in front of his children;her wife writhed in anguish,wailing and wailing. His children staring at him with hatred.Tears started to roll down his cheek as his wife and children packed their things out of the house without hesitation. The impassive door closed. Never opened again… He is an irresponsible husband and father.He was jobless, alcoholic, and physically abuses his wife and children. Everyone left him and he lived in a ramshackle wooden house lonely. He never gets out of the door since for 20 years….He regretted. Ultimately, a clock emerged in his dream;stopped oscillating,pointing to the end of the number…12!

He awoke, the emotion that long bottled up in his heart gushed out with a torrent of sea, he was panting. Gasping for air, he knew that this was it. This was the end. As he breathed his last rattling dying breath,his wife came to him.. He whispered a single word, “sorry….”

Everything vanished……


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