Gold medalists: Bodies are trophies

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Have those days gone when the nature and activities of a man were judged on the basis of his educational qualification? The revelation of terrorist groups having toppers in psychology and economics in its fold proves this. Who is to blame? Was it the mistake of education or the man who didn’t deserve the education?

Investigations have also revealed that these terrorists not only felt proud in counting the number of dead from their bombs but also ridiculed their fellows if their bombs were defused. They loved to proclaim themselves as ’Most Wanted’. If a person is wrong, people blame his background but here, this is also mistaken, as the whole family seems to be very educated and holding respectable positions in the administration. The most astonishing fact is that the terrorist who loved to plant bombs and kill people was also an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) aspirant, the highest administrative job in India. If he hadn’t been caught, he could have become an IAS officer in the thick of administration

What kind of mindset is this? Is living in a nation, using its resources to achieve the highest positions and then killing its very own citizens fair? The government can deploy police forces to save its people but can’t brainwash a suicide bomber to avoid such killings.

Education remains the same but some fed by it take a heavenly stature while others become demons.

Some blame riots for such mindset but before anything else, a person himself should be blamed. Killing innocents to satisfy one’s ego is not justified in any sense. If such people are really hurt by riots, then why don’t they spend the time and energy which they use for killing innocents to search those who cause the riots? I would request these heartless people to ask the dead souls of their loved ones if they would ever feel happy about survivors killing others in the same way as they themselves had lost their lives.

If not afraid of anyone else, at least be afraid of God before the thought of killing others and devastating this beautiful earth enters the head. If you can’t add to the beauty then who are you to bring destruction? By doing all this, you may satisfy your mission and fill your pockets but always keep in mind the day of judgment on which none is forgiven.


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