Education its scope

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The Dictionary meaning of Education is: The systematic development and cultivation of natural powers by inculcation, example, etc. It is also resulted in knowledge and skills. In this process people will able develop their world view in different areas.  

Education is not mere accruing knowledge or puff with ideas and facts, whereas it reflects the total change of a person. I will say Education involves Knowledge and Wisdom. The tragedy is present world we are limited the scope of education by limiting it as an accumulative knowledge.

A person’s behavioral change is very important in education. Formal and informal education helps a person to get along with situations which he lives. The entire world “Isam’s” are cultivated their culture through this process. The spreading of religion and science developed a counter culture around the Globe.

Today we need to reframe the span of Education in the respective places. Eminent writers and Thinkers are considered only through education the culture of a person must be changed. World powers are built their empire by educating other countries that they are the super power and without them one country will not survive. Likewise all the ideologies are fabricated by education.Centuries back we can see that Christian Missionaries are more focused on education. Their main aim is to develop a new culture in the world without loosing the values in that particular area. Now people are more on puffing with knowledge and ideas. Failure of ‘education’ resulted to fundamentalism and regional extremism. We can see that without the total change of a man we cannot think of EDUCATION. 


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