Oil, it has Shaped the World, Now it’s Time to get off of it

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I have been doing a lot of reading about oil, its impact on society, the environment, and world safety and so on.  In a book I read recently the author gave a great account as to how oil has played a major role in the development of society and how it shaped various battles during World War II.

Currently most of the world’s oil supply comes from OPEC.  A conglomerate of countries that dictate the flow of oil, its cost, and due to these factors, OPEC pretty much controls the way the world works, because without oil the world (in its current state) can not run.

In the book I read the author pointed out had Germany and Japan been the leaders of oil production at the time, the world would surely be a different place than it is today.  Due to the Allies attacks on various oil fields controlled by Axis powers this left them without the fuel they needed to advance their armies.  Eventually the Allies won and their ability to cut off the supply of oil to the Germans and Japanese played a major role in this outcome.

Twice in my lifetime the United States has to endure oil embargoes.  Once in 1973 after OPEC was formed and threw out foreign oil producing countries (i.e. U.S., France, Great Britain) and in again the late 70s when Iran extremists took over their country.  If you didn’t live during these times then you did not get the chance to experience the wonderful thrill of waiting in gas lines for more than 2 hours on odd and even license plate days.  Trust me you do not want to go through this.  It was not pleasant.

Saudi Arabia by far is the leading producer of oil.  What would happen if the Saudi’s oil fell into the hands of super extremists such as an Osama Bin Laden.  The world would once again see an energy crisis.  However it would unlike anything we have ever seen.

Every U.S. President since Richard Nixon has promised to do something about energy and make a commitment towards energy independence yet only minor changes have been made, none of which has made a huge impact on becoming independent of foreign oil.  In fact not only has it not done anything, our dependence on foreign oil has become worse.

Taking all this information into account you can see the importance of becoming independent of foreign oil.  Sure prices are starting to come down and historically when this occurs people tend to forget about alternative fuels such as ethanol, methanol, electric or coal.

While prices were extremely high the country responded with the largest development of alternative fuels in the nation’s history.  Hopefully because of such a huge movement towards these other fuels we as a nation won’t turn our backs on them like we have done in the past.

Now is the time to continue this development, get involved and use the skills you have towards helping make our country independent from foreign oil.  Start doing your research to find out how you can help.  Our safety and security depends on it!


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