Planning your Vacations Budget to Las Vegas, Nevada

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Planning your Vacations Budget to Las Vegas, Nevada  

Once upon a time-Las week, it seems to me-Las Vegas had a reputation for being a cheap vacation. The theory held that if rooms and food were cheap (if not free) and show were bargains, then patrons would feel more comfortable spending lots of money gambling.

Even if they lost their shirts, the reasoning went, they would think, well, but my room was free, and LAS0008_3.jpgI ate myself into a coma at the buffet for $ 2.00, so really the trip was a bargain.

If that is the picture you have of Vegas, wipe it from your mind. This town has massive casino hotels resorts to pay for. See those chandeliers up there? Enjoy them-you are going to pay for them. Here I can give you an idea the best inexpensive and high-end options in al the important travel categories so that you can decide where you want to spend your money and it is just fine with me if that places is the craps table.

Remember to include transportation to Vegas, food, drinks, hotel, entertainment and tips. The best travel related financial advise I ever got was this: figure out how much money you need, and then take twice that amount. I don’t necessary recommend that you do that, but do bring perhaps 20% more than you highest estimate, if you can. Remember that Las Vegas was deigned to lighten your wallets, and it does an excellent job of it.


The same hotel room can go for $29 because, say , it is summer weekday- on one night, and then, on the very next day, go for $250 because a huge convention just started, or it is a Super Bowl weekend. Consequently, giving you an average rate can be difficult, although you can figure on spending around $70 per night based on double occupancy. You can spend significantly more or less, depending on what you are looking for. So for the fancy theme resorts, figure at least $100 for a double.

Listing of Great Hotels in Las Vegas: Visit for more information about Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada.LAS0008_7.jpg


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