How to Seduce a Woman with The Evasive Theory

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There is something that happens often when you’re playing the game of seduction. It happened to many men and and it still happening to thousands of them usually when they start the game of choosing. Following occurs: You are in a group, talking to a couple of girls. You are also with a friend, perhaps drinking in a bar or a party. You noticed a girl in particular in the group and want to connect with her. The fact is that she get dificult (yes, she smiles and talk to you in a pleasant way, but she doesn’t returns the flirting gestures that you sent). It’s like she is proving what she worth. But in exchange her friends are more playful and they do flirt with you.

You think this is because you are not his type or that these things happen … but it is not. There is another reason more characteristic of human psychology: When you show that you are interested in a beautiful girl that is with her friends, you inadvertently are inflating her ego and making her feel too valuable. She realizes that you’ve chosen her and you’re interested in her, something that makes her feel important. But she also knows that if she reacts in a very evident way, showing that is attracted to you, she will lose the high social value that you have given over her friends. So she will keep the role of “I’m still a little too good for you.”

But you can eliminate this problem by using the evasive theory. Is to use this peculiarity  of human psychology, diverting all your attention to one or more of her friends. So feel your goal will feel her ego being hurt and will want to get your attention that she just lost. Now she will be ready to invest more and will be more disposed toward you. That is what many women do: Women want what they can’t have. This is the strategy you should follow:

1 – Use a strong eye contact when talking with the other girls. But when you talk to your “woman target” occasionally try to look at some of the other girls and make a discreet smile before returning your gaze to the target girl. It awakens a sense of competition into the subconscious of the girl so hard that she’ll begin to fight to get your attention.

2 – Eventually establishing physical contact with the other girls, if possible, with a little more intensity than the women who you matter. For example, touch on one side of their arms while you’re laughing or joking.

3- While you all are sit or stand as a group, approach a little bit more in the direction in which it is one of her friends and not to where is the girl you want to hook up.

Use the evasive theory to raise the ego of the girl you want to seduce. Such psychological tactics will rapidly earn you interest. Combine this technique of seduction along with many others to maximize your success with women, reaching the limits that many men have never experienced or ever will experience. You can be the guy that gets the girls!


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