Successful Twitter Advertising – 3 Great Secrets To Monetize Twitter

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Here are 3 secrets to advertising successfully on Twitter. You will definitely earn money on Twitter if you follow these methods.

1. Advertise in Your Unique Twitter Style.

You should advertise in such a manner that your followers should not guess that you are advertising. And this is how you want to advertise!

We are all unique and we have our unique style of tweeting. No 2 tweets are similar; their style and subject varies from Twitter user to Twitter user. For example, I am an Internet marketer who is passionate about Google and its applications, the latest in technology, and so on. On Twitter, I connect with people and talk about marketing, new gadgets, and so on. I never speak about things I am not comfortable with. My followers would smell a rat if I suddenly started posting tweets about dog food. They might even accuse me of spamming them. However, if I post ads about Google apps, my followers are going to feel that this is just another of my tweets. They won’t even dream that I am making money advertising on Twitter.

The trick is to choose subjects that suit my style of tweeting. I must select ads on subjects that I am comfortable with, understand, and usually talk about. I would tweet ads on affiliate marketing, Google, blogging, and online money making. This way, I would look as if I am tweeting as usual even when I am placing an advertisement.

2. Find Advertisers

Are you getting excited about advertising on Twitter? You might have heard of pay per click. This system enables advertisers to pay publishers as per the number of clicks their ad gets from the people who visit the website on which the publisher has placed that advertisement.

You can successfully sell ads on Twitter, provided you have a large list of followers who will definitely click your links and retweet your tweets. Before you try selling ads on Twitter, set up links that can be tracked and send detailed reports to advertisers. These reports must contain details of the clicks your links received. You can charge advertisers as per the number of times the ads are clicked upon or as per the number of people of visited the advertisers’ websites through the links placed on your Twitter pages. This is a practical idea that can be implemented immediately. Advertisers are happier to pay per click instead of per tweet.

Excellent link tracking programs are available on the Internet and you can easily find them. The easier way out, of course, is to find an enterprise that has already found the advertisers for you. This saves you the time and energy used in finding advertisers.

3. Find someone who has found the advertisers

You will find any number of sites that allow you to register with your Twitter name and post ads on your Twitter page. You don’t have to bother about finding the advertisers. These sites offer the opportunity for advertisers to meet the publishers. Join one such site and start earning.

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