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What way is the easiest one if you want to make money online? Selling products? Promoting stuff?

Nah. Unless you’re illiterate, it ought to be writing articles online for submission sites like Bukisa, where you’re reading this very article right now.

Can you make big money writing articles online? Yes – and no. Most of these sites don’t pay very much. They pay peanuts. Sometimes even less than peanuts. But if you don’t give up, if you keep on submitting texts, you can get a decent extra income – depending on what you write about.

There are people out there who write ten to twenty (!) articles a day. Very short articles, of course. After submitting this many pieces a day for six months to sites that pay per view, big money start rolling in.

On the other hand, these articles are most of the time what’s referred to as MFA – Made For AdSense. They’re written ONLY to make money and they’re hardly material you should show to an editor if you apply for a job at a magazine. Sometimes, they’re almost like “anti-articles”.

If you aim a little higher and write longer, more ambitious and substantial articles, you can of course not submit ten to twenty pieces a day. On the other hand, you may get readers who actually read and like what you write, and follow you and your material.

The past twelve months or so, I’ve tried out quite a few article submission sites, with varying results. Here are my impressions of the companies:


This is the biggest and most well-known company, and the one I found first. I had no idea there were companies and sites like this on the Internet, so I signed up and decided to start making money.

Associated Content sure LOOKS like a serious site, which I guess they really are, but my experiences of them were far from the best. Sometimes it took them forever to review the texts I posted. A couple of times my articles didn’t show up until a week or more had passed. This is not acceptable if you post news items or reviews of movies or shows opening the upcoming weekend.

A.C. promises quite a lot of money, and they can also pay you upfront – but only if you live in the U.S. Myself, I didn’t get paid at all. I published 10-15 articles, but they received few hits and only generated a few cents in a very long time.

My suggestion is to stay away from A.C., since there are several much better alternatives.


My first impression of Xomba was “cheap and cheerful” and “fast”. The stuff you write for Xomba is published immediately, which of course is good. What’s bad – really, really bad – about Xomba when I signed up, is that the site is a mess. It’s crammed with flashing banners and pop-up ads. Xomba has recently gone through a major redesign, and things actually look a lot better now since I started out using the site. However – the pop-up ads and flashing banners are still there.

But what about the earnings? Well, I don’t know. You get a certain percentage from the ads, but I didn’t get one cent from it. On the positive site, you may re-publish articles published elsewhere.


Now, here’s a site I like! Triond treats your material in a pretty interesting way: your articles are posted on different sites, depending on the subject. My movie articles appear on a site called CinemaRoll. If you’ve never heard of CinemaRoll, it’s because it’s owned by Triond. They’ve created a bunch of different sites which all look pretty good, actually; they look like “real” movie sites or business sites and so on.

They usually review your material within 24 hours. However, moneywise it’s nothing to write home about. I’ve published a handful of articles there, and they’ve only made about half a dollar (together!) in nine months or so.


Here’s a new company, and they actually seem to be the ones that pay the most – IF they pay. The guys behind the site seem to be nice, but nothing happens on Say It Aloud. The layout of the site is a mess, and few people seem to write for them. They can promise lots and lots of money, but as long as nobody clicks on the banners, you won’t earn a nickel. And nobody seems to click on them – or on the links to the articles.

One strange thing about Say It Aloud is that you can’t check your status. Therefore, I’ve absolutely no idea how many visitors I’ve had there.


This is a new company, I think, and it kind of reminds me of Triond, since the material you write for them end up on different sites, all owned by Article Income.

Another good thing is that they allow you to publish material that’s been published before, as long as it’s written by you and you own the copyright. However, depending on your member status; they have different levels, you can only post five or ten already used pieces per month.

Another let down is that they don’t seem to pay very much. On the other hand; if you’ve submitted material that’s been published before, you can keep it there and let it tick money. Small money, but still money.


Here’s one I’ve only tried a little. Squidoo works more like a community and instead of just posting articles, you build small sites – based on your articles – on the Squidoo network. Apparently, they pay rather well, but the whole thing looks and feels a little confusing and silly.

Maybe it depends on your age. I feel like I’m too old, so I guess I won’t use Squidoo again.


This is the site where you’re reading this. The name of this company – Bukisa – is a tad … strange. To be honest, it sounds like some kind of weird and nasty Japanese porn. But Bukisa seems to be the winner here.

The site is easy to use and it usually only takes a couple of hours for them to review the material you post.

Payment is based on something called The Bukisa Index, usually around $4.00, which is what you get per 1000 visitors. Okay, this sure isn’t much, but I’ve actually earned more from Bukisa in three days than from Triond during nine months. Bukisa pays you per view. Everytimed somebody reads – or just looks at – one of your articles, you’re paid.

Another cool thing is that you can invite friends and family and create a network. This means that you earn a certain percent of your network’s income!

And finally, it’s okay to post stuff that’s been used before, as long as it’s made by you and you own it. You may post 25 articles or reprints a day, so don’t overdo this.

My tip is to go with Bukisa, Triond and Article Income. Sign up with all three of them, and concentrate on one of them, like Bukisa.

One problem with writing for sites like these, is that it’s usually pretty hard to find the articles online, unless you know what words to use when you search. I don’t think I’ve ever found an article from any of these sites when I’ve googled stuff. However, texts at Bukisa DO show up on Google within 24 hours. If you search for the exakt title of the article, you’ll notice that you’re on the first spot on Google. But on the other hand, who googles exact titles of articles?


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