Why I liked zombie movies Diary of the dead and Quarantine.

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“Diary of the Dead” was already announced quite a while. The film takes the idea of “Blair Witch Project”, “Clover Ville” and “Rec on” and tells the zombie apocalypse from the first-person perspective. A group of film students is filming for a mummy movie, it is reported as news reports that dead, get up to eat the living. At first incredulous, they make themselves along with their ever-inebriated professor yet at home to be with their families. Two students are deposited in the villa of the parents, the others sit in a van and drive into the night.

The plot is typical of the genre: people die in the group and you see lovers who are confronted with the aggressive corpses of their friends. Visit to hospital, a group of armed and aggressive survivors.  

The most interesting aspect of the film is the confrontation with the medium itself. The philosophical aspect of the eternal observer is taken up again by the narrator, who has edited together in the end all the movie parts and sometimes even accompanied by music. Thus, the film is perhaps the liveliest of this kind, the illogic of the camera is continuously powered on to be bypassed. Unfortunately, lack of drama. The desperation of the main characters and the danger to their lives appear to be almost incidental. Despite the good approaches, the film has been unfortunately disappointing.

“Quarantine” is the American remake of the Spanish film “Rec”, which I have discussed here already. A reporter and her cameraman accompany a documentary for a couple of firefighters on a commitment in a multiple dwelling. As the story developes, one can imagine, but the showdown is one of the creepiest I saw a long time.

The remake adheres strongly to the original. Perhaps it was because I had seen the film this time on TV and has caused me to loose because of the smaller camera image. Maybe it was because that was the lead actress Jennifer Carpenter and with a pleasant voice and synchronization which was much better than their Spanish colleagues.


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