I’ve been there!… (the chickenpox horror)

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It was the worst time of my dermatologically devirginized skin! It started somewhere around October. It was near the final term at school and the disease forced me to be absent for almost 3 weeks.
At first i had a fever which occured nocturnally, as what i’ve experienced. I’m really not sure where i got the disease, i thought maybe in the hospital where I was having my duty. A few days after the fever, well actually it still occurs every night but it’s lower than before. When i woke up ang looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed some small pimple-like spots on my face. Well, it did bother me but not as much as what happened after. I really thought they were just pimples and didn’t mind that much ‘coz i could easily clear them away. So i strolled around the mall later that afternoon (kinda thinking why i got that much pimples overnight), and when i got home though they still really looked like pimples, i noticed another few spots on my neck area and my chest, that’s when i started to worry. My mother warned me that maybe i have chickenpox (well she was right).

The next morning when i woke up, the most horrifying thing started to happen, ‘coz when i looked at myself in the mirror, i was like… “Damn! Who the hell are you?!”. Well, as much as i like to show you my pictures i took when i had the chickenpox (i was planning to do it for me to show you how ugly i looked at that time lol), but i just can’t ‘coz that camera phone i used to take the pictures got broken (too bad huh? well maybe i wasn’t meant to be humiliated that much. lol). Now back to the horror scene, i was really shocked seeing my face at it’s so far worst condition. The pimple-like spots turned to various small and large blisters. It covered almost half of my face (yah that much). Some on my neck, both my extremities, and luckily very very few on my genitals (i know you’re wondering ’bout it. lol). To sum it up, the blisters was more on my face than the rest of my body, the least area i wished they should have been.

That was when my self-esteem started to decline. I felt so ugly, well i did looked ugly. Know what i did? I scanned on my books and notes trying to review ’bout the disease. Below is a short definition of chickenpox, i got it from Wikipedia:

Chickenpox or chicken pox is a highly contagious illness caused by primary infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV). It generally begins with a vesicular skin rash appearing in two or three waves, mainly on the body and head rather than the hands and becoming itchy raw pockmarks, small open sores which heal mostly without scarring.

I’ve learned that new blister or lesions would usually stop appearing after a week, and blisters would start to crust, that’s the time that i’m not contagious anymore. I have to be isolated so not to infect others, until all the blisters have crusted. Actually, when you already had the disease before, you will have a lifetime immunity from it. So, i kinda looked at it as an advantage. By the way, just to remind you, if ever, never prick the blisters, ‘coz you’ll surely regret it. Bursting those blisters would be painful and would leave pitted scars on you’re skin.
There are medications prescribed to lessen the symptoms of chickenpox, and lessen the appearance of the blisters. But back when i had the disease, i didn’t take any meds. Maybe that’s why i had lots of lesions all over my body. What i did was just to be careful not to burst any blister until it crusted. Unfortunately, having a lot of it all over your body would be very uncomfortable, this aren’t just blisters or lesions, their itchy! So imagine having it for two weeks without taking any meds to counter it’s symptoms. So you’d better consult your doctor for med prescriptions. Well, ive consulted a dermatologist when i had chickenpox (she even took an ugly pic of me… shez!). She prescribed some medications for me (i forgot the names), she said i have to take it like 2 tabs for 3 times a day for 2 weeks (i was like whaATt?!). Well, she’s the doctor. I didn’t buy the meds. It’s too expensive. I took the other option: “wait ’til it will heal by itself”.

About a week and a half, the blisters started to lessen, but still new lesions are appearing. HmmM, you might be wondering if you’ll take a bath or not. Well, to tell you, you must, cause if you won’t, there’ll be a tendency of greater risk for infection since it is possile that bacteria will harbor on your lesions and will invade any opening on your skin. Just be very careful when you bathe, so not to accidentally burst the blisters cause it would more likely leave a scar (like what happened to me).

After the blisters have crusted, the next problem would be, of course, the scars. Some of it may stay, like pitted scars caused by bursted blisters. My friends were all wondering ’bout what i used to get rid of most of my scars in just a short span of time. I got the scars late October, and it started to disappear until mid December. Now, I don’t have any visible scars on my face. Except maybe some pitted scars (which would only be removed surgically i think).

This is what i did, I went back to my derm doctor (that’s what i call her). She gave me some ointments to get rid of the dark red spots, to even out my skin tone, and an SPF80 cream to protect my skin from the sun while on treatment. Well, it all worked very well for me. I used up about 2-3 50ml containers of those. It’s worth it. It helped lighten the scars. They say i really have to wait for a long time before the scars disappear (yah like i could stand looking at my ugly face that long). So i bought some exfoliant soaps to help renew my skin (not astringents ’cause it’ll just burn your skin), it also comes with a whitening effect to even out my skin tone. See, it’s better to use soaps (those that won’t easily dry your skin) than facial creams or whatever, beacause using soaps would also cover up your entire body. Like you won’t have a whiter face which does not much your dark skinned body (a common problem for dark skinned people). Just make sure to use products that are really reliable and not too harsh, effects would vary depending on skin types.

I won’t mention any products here since i’m not even paid for this, lol. Neither would i mention my dermatologst’s name. I’m just here to share to you what action should the products that you’ll purchase should have. Just remember my hints guys: Never prick, don’t use anything harsh in treating your skin, do it all over your body and not just your face, and most of all, STOP SAYING THAT YOU’RE UGLY… Believe me, it helps. Just be confident, don’t lose hope. Everything will still be bright and beautiful the next day you wake up. 😉


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