How to make retirement plan

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Human cannot work forever. Some day, a man should decide to retired or being retired by the company. In my country, a company ususally retire the employes when reach 55 years. Retire means there is no income to our pocket. We do not have to go to office and we just receive our pension fund.

If we have enough pension fund, we do not have to worry about our pension. We can buy our need with our money.

The problem is the lack of money when you are retired. Some people could not buy food even for him/herself.

Retirement plan:

1. Settle any debt before pension such as leasing car, mortgage education, education loan, etc. Debt with interest load the retire man morever the interest rises year to year.

2. Buy some asset for the source of income or the small business. For example, buy some car for car rent service. Get monet from rent fee.

3. Prepare retire fund account for your future. Make sure the investment could give you high return that

4. Invest at profitable investment like shares, bond, mutual fund, precious metal, etc. Do not put all your money at shares only.

5. Calculate how much money thet you will need after retire. Consider what want you do after retire, where do you live because it will depend the amount of money that you need. For example, If you decide to live at third country, you can thrift some expenses. As consequently, you are far from your hometown.

6. Plan for the possibilty of your live is longer. Supposely, you get montly income for 20 or 30 years next.


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