Fighting Depression

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Depression is a medical disorder that interferes with your feelings, thoughts, behaviors and physical health. It is very common and should not be treated as a sign of weakness. However, doctors call it a symptom of low mood or while referring to specific illness named ‘depressive illness’. Women are more prone to depression than men. There are several techniques to fight this annoying state of mind, of course with great effort from your side.

Symptoms of Depression

Depressive symptoms may vary from one person to another. If these symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks then seek help from your doctor immediately. Basically, a low feeling and stress are seen as the major symptoms of depression. There are number of other symptoms for depression, some of the common forms are:

  • · Loss of interest in exciting activities.
  • · A sense of tiredness, anxiety and irritation.
  • · Loss of appetite with a sudden gain or loss in weight.
  • · Encountering problems in concentrating, thinking and making decisions.
  • · Suicidal thoughts and tendencies.
  • · Headaches and other types of pains.
  • · Digestive and sexual problems.

Factors Responsible for Depression

What causes this annoying state is not known. However, researchers believe that a combination of biological, psychological, genetic and other factors contribute to this mental disorder. Broadly speaking, the causes of depression can be categorized into biological, genetic and environmental factors.

Biological causes: Certain natural substances are responsible for the interaction between brain cells. Lack of sleep, anxiety and irritability caused due to the deficiency of Serotonin, a chemical found in the brain causes depression. Deficiency of another essential chemical found in our human body called the Cortisol hormone that helps in responding to stress, anger or fear may lead to depression.


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