POEMS: Original Compositions 04

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Beyond Infinity

I can still picture out that day.

‘Twas one o those hot summer days

That certain time of the year

When students fool around

For the school days are over

I remember asking my mom,

In that small childish voice I used to have

“Ma, when can I go to school?”

“You’ll learn things when you’re older.”

I was four years younger than seven.

By the time I was five, my mom told me

“You can enroll for kindergarten

Since you are five already.”

And young as I was, I hooted with glee

Packed my mini school bag, and shouted

“Ma, I’m ready!”

And sure I was! And that first time at my first school

My eyes were wide as I looked around

Ooh! How excited I was!

New faces, new shoes, new — everything’s new!

I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

My kindergarten years went so smoothly

Mama was so supportive; Papa was too!

And by the time I was ten, my head as all fed up

Of things, both old and new.

And, really, I enjoyed pushing them all inside.

By the time I was twelve, a graduating student

My heart was stricken, my head fell down

I thought I’ve seen the love of my life!

Mama knew this, I just couldn’t hide it.

And my grade fell from A’s to C’s.

Mama scolded me, I couldn’t help but cry

I remember her saying, “What’s wrong with you?”

“What happened to the child of long ago?

Who was just so excited to learn

Things that are old and new?”

That did it. I felt so disgraced.

And by the time I was a high school senior,

A got pregnant, and wasn’t able to go to school.

Mama was silent, shed her tears calmly

And said to me,

“You’ll learn things when you’re older.”

And she wasn’t wrong.

For as I look back, my years behind me

I now know I was wrong, and Mama was right.

I remember her line,

“You’ll learn things when you’re older.”

And sure did.

After all, learning doesn’t stop.

It only stop when you’re dead.

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