POEMS: Original Compositions 03

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Archangel Gabriel

Never have I felt so much anger before

Men have forgotten so much honor and valor

Never have I hated so much over one thing

Men, with their will to survive in this world

Have forgotten the will to live

They no longer care for their soul

Too much have I seen what the human mind can do

Greed, pride, selfishness. Caring nothing but themselves

Too few have I witnessed the true essence of the human heart

Passion, love, care. Giving life to everything in the world

Too many have strayed away from God

Seeing everything through their mind

As if their hearts have not even existed

Only instinct to survive is left to drive them

They do not know that their souls rot in

Hell long before they leave this world

Foolish are they to let only their mind run their life

For only corruption awaits them, a burning hell

Their hearts left blinded, fading away into eternity

They could never see the world at its glory

I do not blame archangel Gabriel for hating humans so much

For I have seen what the angels have seen

May God forgive me for my words

But we must be reminded of hy we are here.

The world is dying by the very being it was entrusted to protect.

My mind would only wish for God to smite them into ruin

But it would make me nothing less than the very thing that I disgust

My heart would only say what the son of God said on the cross

“Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”

Live life that would prove Archangel Gabriel wrong,

That there is still hope among men,

That there is still hope for the world.

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