How is Rats! game? The review.

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“Vicious Times” is the title of the first adventure range for the surprise success of “Rats!”. Five adventures are found in the thin A5-band, one even for the “Rats! Compendium” described Setting “Rats! in space. ” In contrast to previously do not give any other publications, it is this volume as a download. The “Rats! Compendium” is required for at least one of the adventures, but as you can get it for free as a PDF, should be no problem.

Layout and appearance of the book are kept in the usual style: a great, atmospheric image adorns the dark cover, the layout is simple but in full color at the pictures inside, and are all wonderful scenes with rodents in different situations. Timo Grubing and Volker Konrad using a similar drawing style, which not only looks great and super fit, but also gives each rat individuality. The drawings are certainly more than a little to the success of “Rats!” Said Wen. The book is also the date of the Pocket RPG series stable, with pages that are thick enough to be able to browse them well, but thin enough so that the spine is not in simple reading unnecessarily strained.

The adventures offer a mixed bag. In “A New War” is too epic, because the danger of a real war threatens the Rattenburg. Sent to the characters involved in the events that unfold a straight line, without limiting the players too much. “The namesake” the characters are common victims of a fraud and need to hunt through the transverse Rattenburg to make a crafty opponent. The idea of “wool over their eyes” to me all like best. Strange thefts upset the rats throughout the castle. The idea here is something evil, Wahnsinniges, the character of the rat chasing a shiver down the spine as they try to defeat in the showdown. In collecting mania & Collectibles problem “are the characters in the order of the collector road and encountering a conspiracy, which they can hopefully clear up after a little detective work, and one way or another scuffle. In “The roach experiment” for “Rats! in space, “unfortunately, there is the fact that the adventure takes place on a space station, hardly apply. Also, I have found my a logical gap in the punch line. Anyone herumarbeitet to these facts should be, but still have fun with the scenario in which the characters go in search of a rat, which is a roach, but would like a lab rat. As it turns out, seems a gang affiliation important for mental health to be.

Stylistically, the adventures are similar despite the different issues: Always a fairly straightforward story is outlined in which the director is not beaten to death with details, or “role play instructions”, but has a free hand to shape the events as they see fit. Tickets are available for example no. Experienced director have so straightforward adventure for in between, less experienced but with the perceived “railroading” probably too much sometimes.

Total conveys “Vicious Times” as the rest of the series feel like a lovely hobby product to be. The proofreading could have been really better (sometimes stated as: “a test of cleverx2” sometimes “2x clever, sometimes different), the formulations are now and bumpy, even adventure design itself can sometimes feel a hobby to . But that does not interfere. “Rats!” Will provide a nice break for in-between, it will be “cute” – and succeed. The atmosphere is nice, the drawings and the grand opportunity to play a rat who fights his way through the dark corridors of an abandoned department store.


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