POEMS: Original Compositions 02

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One Day I’ll Kiss You

One day I’ll kiss you

I know I will

In my heart’s a desire

I’m hoping you’ll feel.

One day you’ll kiss me

You know you will,

You share the desire,

You know it’s within.

When our eyes meet

A quiet language is spoken

How we both wish

Both our hearts aren’t taken.

But one day I’ll kiss you

And you’ll kiss me too

‘Til then, we’ll be prayin’…

Hopin’ and wishin’

‘Til it all comes true.

Breakfast at Skulmate

I threw a pleased smile

When you offered me a stool

In that mauve painted restaurant

Our eyes always meet

Bow down, you remain still

Meditating on sauté Spam and egg

You were holding your spoon and fork

When I sensed something

Familiar in the air

You looked up and smiled

To let me catch

Those snuff-colored eyes from a jar

Rested on a corner

I draw myself near you


Your bamboozling looks put me in sound proof booth

Now, I’m certain

You have more than just

A two side of you.


It’s over – my life is

I’ve lost my composure, my being

I used to be tough and firm

Now I’m as supple as milk and honey

I fell and still, I’m falling

I’m building myself up

Bricks and steel I held together

Your blood, red and dull sipping through.

But then you went away

You left me wandering and sobbing

What else could be better,

But to brace myself?

Yet I’m malleable.

I’d rather die.

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