Progress: Are You Making, Slaying, or Enjoying It?

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Mode of Cosmic Therapy’s Pleasure Barometer


So, you want to know IF you are making any progress in your life.  That depends on how you define the word, progress if you are able gauge its apparent development, you are ahead of it (in order to see it) and therefore not making any. IF you are not able to gauge any significant change, you are behind it, and progress, as you define it, has not yet occurred. In other words, your measuring device is altered and faulty due to the position and involvement of your being in the observant picture. Your particular position is always unknown due to the fact of the present unstable movement being determined. In any elementary physics class, you would automatically be instructed to apply the law of relativity. In order to measure anything accurately, you would have to be in a position outside of and uninvolved with that which was being observed. {Depends where you are and what you are doing, along with the removal of your imperfect emotional input.} And, since it is IMPOSSIBLE to know how fast you are traveling and precisely where you are stationed at in the same time frame, progress is undeterminable. Now, don’t get yourself in an uproar prematurely.Another kind of progress exists but you are not able to measure its movement, either. However, you are able to experience a certain rhythm or flow which is designated by the strength and vision of what we refer to as passionate “desire” within. Do not confuse this sacred desire with something of an excitable nature which has to be created or activated by some object on the outside. An impersonal unblemished course of ‘progress’ has been established and maintained in you which is no way connected to excitability or generated by results. [In fact, it is perfectly indifferent and totally impersonal.] It is fueled by a silent irrefutable force, untouchable propulsion, unable to be ignited or diminished. This unique unquenchable elusive desire was formed and constituted in you before you were born. It grew with you as you developed in the womb. No mortal hands have fashioned it, nor has human minds infiltrated the boundaries of it.

This so-called measurement of ‘progress’ was indelibly imprinted upon the fabric of your characterized make-up before you were conceived by your earthly parents.

Though no two individuals hold the same level of desire (progress), your specific destiny is governed by the potency of that singular elevated desire. Your uniquely toned vibrating fragrant essence buried in this mysterious desire is perfectly matched and calibrated to your life’s activities and involvements. Although, you will never be able to manage, elicit, control or render personally motivated results from this uniquely instilled ‘progress’ mechanism, you will see and benefit from clues (scents) along the way. These mysterious fragrant clues, however, will vanish; in mid air. should you try to exploit them for vainglorious reasons. All progress is established, governed and maintained from a celestial sphere of operation. Although a difficult and unlikely concept to grasp, Progress is deliberately calibrated for optimal pleasure and nothing else.

People oft’ times spend countless hours ’in senseless maneuvers to, ‘speed along the project’, ‘make something happen’ or ‘make something better’. Foolish. All attempts of this sort are not only futile but hopelessly stupid. Things occur in a pattern of haphazardly sequenced events according to a divine plan (structure). [You, or I, are not privy to the background information feeding the appointed slot for delegated occurrence and/or deliverance.] We, are however, allowed to partake of the event, while emotionally creating whatever scenario fits our fancy. In the meantime, every imaginable and conceivable reason, excuse, defense, proposition, story, idea, credit, blame along with a million other earthly constructed state of ego projected worrisome, anxious, and guilt-ridden affairs [in development]are devised for the situation., None actually are relevant or true to the event itself, whether praise worthy or fault finding but mortals still tend to cling to their emotional dramas tenaciously. Realizing this, will that deter, sway, influence, or stop desperately driven human beings to ease up {stop pushing so}? Unfortunately, no.

Human beings are insatiable in their quest, for power, prestige, position, wealth, beauty, influence, fame, fortune and domination even if thy have to secure it through notoriety. At no time, do they simply reside in the moment for the moment’s sake. Every waking hour is geared to making ‘progress’, never one time stopping to ‘breathe in the sublimely sacred progressive second of indescribable glory’ that surrounds them. The rush to acquire, to ‘get ahead’ to make ‘something of oneself’ blinds and stifles the unfathomable pleasure evoked! Is it not written somewhere:”…Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart…?” Life is meant to be consumed as a delightful undaunted love affair, breathless, intense, and erotically enjoyed. Smooth and easy—- Not to be filled to overflowing with needless doubt, concern, worry, vexation and striving!

Why fret so, flooded by numerous apprehensions, most of them invented by an irritated, jealous, vengeful, (wanting or needing to prove your worth) competitive, guilty, egoistic, disappointed and compelling spirit of “trying to impress.” {Either yourself or someone else.} To what avail? What does it matter? Why are you doing what you’re doing? The first and only questions should always be: “Do I enjoy this?” “Does it bring me pleasure again, and again, and again?” IF not, better re-evaluate your motives! “…except ye as a little child ye will in no wise enter into the gates of (whatever heaven means to you).” It’s called being guileless, without a predetermined envy or need of a specified result. Children are innocent creatures who relish the passing bubbles with laughter, astonishment and amusement. In their case, they are the embodiment of the full meaning of “Progress.”

Am I advocating a life of lackadaisical indifference? IF it could be achieved, by all means! Unequivocally YES!!! But, more reasonably, let us all is content with the attainment of: “…whatever thy hands find to do, do with all thy might…” Do these works of pleasure with full passion, love, veneration, appreciation, honor of the duty attached, and of course 350% creatively sexually engaged. No other definition of progress can be witnessed or experienced.


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