Fire Starters

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This is one of those crazy things I wish I knew years ago, but…if you need to start a fire, and dont have kindling, I found a wonderful alternative! While camping, I tried newpaper, and lighter fluid, but the wood was too damp. The closest store that would sell fire starters was over 20 miles away. But there was a litte convience store nearby. The owner told me to buy a small bag of doritos,

Nacho Doritos! Yes, Doritoes. The “extra cheese” work best. Probably all nacho chips will work. Its the cheesy orange stuff thats flamable. You just light a corner of a chip, and place it in the wood/sticks. I use probably a small handfull to start mine, but a few chips will be fine if your wood is dry. If you scatter some in thewood pile, it will keep the fire going,even under very damp conditions. It was one of those drizzly misty nights, and we were the only people with a campfire going full blaze!

Kinda scary that those things actully burn so well. They burn a little slow, but very hot, so use caution. The dont “burst” into flames, but they do get very hot, and burn slow.

It was much easier & cheaper to go buy a small bag of doritos, than to hunt for “fire starters”. or even cheaper than ligher fluid. I plan on using them this winter in my fireplace and woodburner instead of those expesive waxy brick starters that you get a the grocery.


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