why must our children suffer

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I have been so upset . The first two days of my children being in school have come and gone, and let me say they were the most stressful days of my life. I am a single mother of seven children. One of them is grown with a family of his own, one is a junior in high school, two are in middle school, and the youngest three are in elementary school. I have no car to transport to places i need to go so i was at the mercy of getting things done over the phone. Here was the problem, my son Kyle goes to a high school that is about eight miles from my home. The first day of school he had to ride his bike to school because they would not allow him to get on a bus. He tried to get it fixed while at school but to no avail. He got home very late that night. In the mean time I had to argue with the school that I have lived in my home for five years, but they had changed our address for God only knows what reason. I finally get that straight and they tell me to get a hold of transportation. At six a.m the next day I was on the phone with transportation. Long story short I was told because of budget cuts my son had no bus, but all the other kids in the area had a bus. My middle school kids have to leave almost two hours before school and get home over two hours after school gets out. Their school is also about eight hours away, when i asked why, again i was told budget cuts and along my children’s route they have 63 stops. This year, also because of budget cuts they only have four and a half days of school. And the sports programs have been almost eliminated. Why? I do not understand why our children, our future, has to feel the hurt of budget cuts.I was watching the news on T.v and heard a story about how the state has to do cut backs in all areas, including charging admission to places that we as the underprivileged can enjoy for free. They were talking about charging to get into some parks. Imagine that having to pay to spend the day with your family in the park. Then they talked about cutting sorts programs in school, and so on. everywhere that the news talked about our government wanting to do cuts to save money in some way involved our children, the poor, and the elderly. The very next segment that came on told you that our assistance to the government officials where paid six figures. Well let me tell you I was a little more than upset. Why does our children have to suffer? Why do we have to buy things for schools like sanitizer, Kleenex, paper towels, and sandwich bags? I know where we can make a few budget cuts. Lets cut back on some of the salaries of the government officials, the pro sports players, the actors, the musicians. Lets take something from the people who have everything they want and need, and give the children the opportunity to have an education, a safe place to play, a place that they may not be able to afford if they have to pay.Maybe you will look at me as a single mom with seven kids and think Well if you wouldn’t have had so many kids it wouldn’t be so bad, but it would be. For years we have slowly taken away from our children and somewhere somebody has to say something. Don’t judge us because we are poor. Don’t think that we are not educated because we have limited resources. I am an intelligent woman and I have very smart children, but because I am poor my children are suffering. Last year my daughter was tested for the gifted program, they denied her, not because she didn’t get high scores, she did. I was told she was too street smart to be in that class. She had high enough scores to make into the gifted program but because she is not only book smart and raised in a poor neighborhood, she is street smart. Please tell me where making budget cuts on an already screwed up system is going o help. Instead lets try to improve the situation so that the children who deserve a chance to break out and make something of themselves can. Like my daughter, or maybe your son or daughter who is great in a sport and can get a scholarship to further their education. I can not afford college for my kids so to be told that my daughter cannot join a gifted program where she can learn at her potential and more than likely get an academic scholarship is turned away because she is street smart, a way of life she had to learn, is heartbreaking. Just as it is unfair that the kids have to be on a bus for two hours each way longer than they were last year because of budget cuts. What are we doing to our kids, What message does it send to them.Again this is my opinion one i chose to share. Please as one we will not be heard but as many we will be.


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