POEMS: Original Compositions 01

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Original Compositions: 01

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I live on my own world,

Where no one is on my side,

Where no one believes me,

Where everything I do is a mistake!

When I move,

Everyone stares at me

If ever I did a mistake!

When I speak,

Everyone listen carefully

When I stop and think,

Everyone watch at me

If ever I think a mistake!

My life is miserable,

Because they think that all I do

Is always a mistake,

Not even a single one is right!

I walk near to the mirror,

And ask the person inside,

“Do I always make mistakes?”

And then ask myself

“Is this my fate?

Is this the life that I should get?”

And stare at the person inside.

And I said…

“Am I a mistake?”

The Epitome of a Damsel’s Silhouette

(The Worthless End)

A tyrannized body of thy once lovely damsel;

Etherized with vile poisons of thy tongue;

Now clad with liquor’s painful ecstasy;

Lost in doldrums of nothingness;

The once-emblem of benevolence

Now hath been made a dullard;

Estranged by fallen dead soldiers,

Drizzling at thy bed’s bottom.

A portentous soul of everybody’s dream,

Vanquished by Passion of fake prologues;

After years of thy solitary desires

And mournful soliloquies,

Thy great epitaph hath been made;

The solemnest reservoir of the late debonair.


The world’s not enough for thy greed

Its praises shall soon rot thy seed

Absorb all the fruits of thy feat

For Stella’s limelight shall spoil thy meat

I observe thy your strife for success

Has transformed you into one full of selfishness

Rise now

Fall later

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