September 11th 2001- present

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I read so many tributes yesterday for all of the fallen of September 11, 2001 and it accrued to me that most of the tributes said the same thing. They all talked about the fallen in the planes, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and all law enforcement and rescue workers. Well I believe that all of them deserve the tributes. American heroes were born that day right before our very eyes, but this is not a tribute to them. This is to all the people that were called away from their families that night and the next day.

As we, a country attacked, mourned the fallen and watched in disbelief the planes repeatedly crashing into the Towers on the news, there were Americans that did not get the chance to deal with the events that had taken place. They were busy getting their affairs in order, saying their goodbyes to loved ones, and getting ready to be deployed to a foreign land where American are hated and seen as Satan himself.

These men a and woman may not ever get to see their children be born, cannot go to the hospital to see a sick loved one, or celebrate in the joy of being alive. They don’t get to see birthday parties, or participate in the holidays. They do not complain, instead they put on a strong face grab up their gear and silently say a prayer. They go to a land they are hated and not wanted to a fight a fight that most of us would run from. The go with out things we as Americans find necessities, toilet paper, a hot shower, clean clothes a hot home-cooked meal, air conditioner and just about everything that you can look around the room you are in and see.

If you personally do not know someone over there than these brave men and woman may not cross your mind very often if at all. On September 11th every year we take a moment to remember, but it seems like after eight years that is all we give it, a moment. Well I ask you today on September 12th we say thank you to all the ones that have gone over and had their lives ripped apart. Take a moment to say thank you for the ones who sacrificed all they knew and had  so that we may still enjoy it. When and if we get to see our loved ones again we are overwhelmed with joy, but let us take into consideration all that they have endured. Not many of us have to fear that a small child will kill us if we turn our backs on them or our bodies to afraid to get any actual rest and sleep because we might be sneaked up on and killed as we sleep. We have not personally had to kill someone or watch as one of our “brothers” have been killed right beside us.

Though I feel that the fallen of that day do deserve our honor and our respect for they were innocent casualties in a war we did not know we were fighting. I honor them and my prayers go out to their loved ones and friends. I also think that the ones that are still to this day fighting a war both for us and in themselves deserve the same amount of honor and respect. We should not wait until they are gone to pay them this over-earned due.

To all of them, I say thank you, for giving me the continued freedom that I have to share with my family. May you stay safe and return home to your families.


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