Using Dominoes To Tell Your Own Future

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Using dominoes to tell your future is an ancient method first used by the Chinese many centuries ago. This method of divination is still in wide use today in Korea and India. Much like die casting, using dominoes can be done by an individual with no special training or special powers.

Place all of your domino tiles face down and shuffle them. You will be picking three tiles. You can pick three at once and read them or you can pick one, read it, put it back, shuffle, pick the next one, replace and so on, three times. You will receive three messages. Each domino has two numbers on it. The messages are as follows:

6|6 = this is the luckiest domino. Happiness, success, prosperity

6|5 = enhanced status, visit from a close friend, kindness

6|4 = a quarrel, a lawsuit (unsuccessful)

6|3 = travel, enjoyment, fun holiday, a gift

6|2 = good luck, improved circumstances

6|1 = a wedding, an end to current problems

6|0 = false friends, malicious gossip

5|5 = success from a change, a new idea

5|4 = money luck, not a time to invest

5|3 = calm, a guest, good news, good advice

5|2 = birth, good friends, enjoyment

5|1 = love affair, new friend

5|0 = sadness, a sad friend

4|4 = happiness, celebration, fun

4|3 = happiness, success, possible domestic issues

4|2 = unhappy change, setbacks, theft, shady friend

4|1 = money problems, debt

4|0 = bad news, disappointment, reconciliation disagreements

3|3 = jealousy, money luck, a wedding

3|2 = nice changes, caution with money

3|1 = useful news, shady outsiders

3|0 = problems at home and work

2|2 = success, happiness, enemies surface

2|1 = loss of money or property, happy social life

2|0 = travel, new friends, anxiety

1|1 = pleasure, harmony, affection, delay a discussion

1|0 = don’t be too trusting, caution

0|0 = bad omen, negativity in all aspects of your life

You can also use Casting of Dice to tell your own future.

Always remember that readings, whether you do them or someone else does, only tell you what circumstances you are likely to be dealt. Readings do not tell you how to play your hand….YOU are in control of your fate.

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