Casting Dice to Tell Your Future, Part 1

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Casting dice to foretell the future has been around for thousands of years. Casting dice is an easy fortune telling tool that you can use on your own. It requires no special training or expertise as does other methods such as the Tarot.

Some of the better conditions for die casting are cool weather and a calm atmosphere. Saturdays and Sundays are not good for divining. Complete silence as you roll the dice is required.

First, draw a circle about 12 inches in diameter. Put it on a table or other flat surface. This is your target area. If you miss the circle when you cast or the dice fall to the floor it is considered unlucky. If it happens once, recast. If it happens twice, this is not the day to cast. Wait until another day.

Using three dice, cast them into the circle. Total up their values. Here are your messages:

3 = good  news, a gift, beginning of a lucky time

4 = disappointment, unpleasantness, bad luck

5 = a wish fulfilled, stranger brings happiness, a new friend

6 = financial loss, dishonest friends or family

7 = setbacks, sadness, scandal, guard your secrets

8 = outside forces such as blame or unfairness

9 = lucky in love or marriage, reconciliation, festivity

10 = a birth, happiness at  home or a promotion

11 = a parting, illness, sadness

12 = good news

13 = grief and sorrow, depression

14 = a new friend or admirer

15 = caution, avoid arguments

16 = a good journey

17 = a move, cheerful work

18 = success, wealth, advancement, happiness

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