How to cut costs and boost your income, improving profitability: The Gas Guzzler Edition

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With volatile oil prices becoming active, there is much to be desired in the area of alternative energy. What is it that drives these prices so high? How come I have to pay alittle extra so these big oil companies can make a profit? With these questions being raised time and time again, do we control how much we pay in filling up our tank or making sure that we have enough to heat the home during the winter? How many of you feel that you’re being taken advantage of? As frustrating as it may sound we can make a big difference by changing our driving habits and creating a financial budget that coincides with filling up the tank. The following will give you a great start on the road to recovering your financial freedom by putting a clamp on one of the things hindering our financial plans, the “gas guzzler”.

Speed Limit

While each vehicle is typically different, gas mileage usually decreases at a faster rate when speeds reach above 60mph. Driving the posted speed limit is also much safer.

Remove extra weight

Clean out the trunk and keep any unnecessary items out of your vehicle, especially hefty ones. An extra 100-150 lbs could reduce gas mileage by about 2-3%. Percentages are based on extra weight relative to the vehicle’s weight.

Avoid any extra idling

Any excess idling creates an undue workload on the engine and, therefore, causes a waste in gas.

Cruise Control

Maintaining a constant speed is mostly obtained by utilizing the cruise control. Accelerating too quickly causes a decrease in mpg, ripping you off of your hard earned cash. Plan ahead, gradually stopping and accelerating at all red lights and stop signs.


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