How to Breed Mealworms For All Your Pets

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This guide will teach you on how to breed and raise mealworms for your reptiles, birds, hedgehogs and many other rodents. The guide will also tell some pros and cons fo breeding and raising your own mealworms

The first thing you need to breed mealworms is a container to keep them in, the container dosent need a cover and they will not be able to get out. The container should be made from plastic. Once you have the housing for them you will need bedding, for that you can use chick feed or quick oats. pour about a inch of bedding in the container and spread it evenly. Next you should get the mealworms whitch you can get from almost any pet store(i would start with at least 50) add the mealworms to the bedding and give them a chopped potato or carrot for food every week or so. after a while the mealworms will pupate into a pupa. after about a week or 2 the pupa will turn into a small white beetle that will eventually turn black and mate with the other beetles and lay eggs in the bedding. a few weeks after you can sift  though the bedding and see tiny mealworms. another month or so and you baby mealworms will be fully grown and ready to be fed to your pets.


mealworms can cost alot after a while of buying them for your pets and breeding them yourself could save you alot of money.

there is next to nothing for matinace.

its fun 🙂


it take a little while befor you notice anthing hapening


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