Tantric Pleasure

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I have come across many people saying that they either ejaculate too fast or have problem in staying longer during lovemaking with their partner. Now a days ninety percent of male are suffering from this early ejaculation syndrome ( e e s) due to urban life style which comprises of less sleep, hectic working shedule and uncompromising habits of eating. One day a couple came to me (i would say saxual savvy). They were in their thirties and both were working in travel sactor and were here on my friends refference.

Without wasting any time he asked me if there was any way to delay climax. I told him if he is serious i would suggest him some yoga mudras and he said that he was.

I explained about Pranayama mudra(life force energy) and gave complete demonstration. I told him that this mudra will help you achieve control over the space known as PERINEUM and is underside of testicals sac and the anus. its that physical location on the male’s body that can hold the flow of both energy and saxual release,it is widely explained in spritual practic of yoga. once a man has reached the point of ejaculatory inevitability, it is really is too late to do anything as the body is set for jet propulsion. However, any man can learn to trace his response patterns by tracking the perineum and literally feeling the urge about to occur and with that one can prolong his saxual cycle and achieve maximum orgasm with deep knowledge of pranayama.

Although, surprised…………..he left with satisfaction. few months later i receives a call from this man, i heared him say : sir, it worked …..our life has changed ever sinse. a smile came on my lips ” I know….i know “. was all i said.


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