The Sudden Realization That I Am Now Old

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I was at home one day, just sitting down to have lunch, when the telephone rang.I picked it up and the male caller immediately launched into his obviously well-rehearsed spiel, informing me that he was from blah blah research company who are conducting a survey about blah blah and would I mind answering a few questions about blah blah?

Now normally I would make an excuse to get out of this chore, especially as he offered me no incentive such as a free cinema ticket or something else of interest.Perhaps I was just in a good mood, because  I heard myself say:  “O.K.”

He then casually asked me my age and I answered honestly that I am 52.Well, my 53rd birthday wasn`t untill august 29th (yes I share the same  birthday with the late great Michael Jackson, although he was two years younger).

That`s when the bombshell hit! There was an audible sigh on the other end of the line, a muttered reply of “never mind” and then a click as HE HUNG UP ON ME!

There I was left with the receiver to my ear and my good mood shattered!Suddenly I lost my appetite for lunch, my bones seemed to start creaking and I felt depressed.Am I that old? Does my opinion really have no value anymore?

The only other time I felt so deflated was when I once jokingly said to a teenager who was playing a game of pool: “You`re dropping dandruff on the table” as I pointed to the sprinkling of white chalk dust on the green baize.He immediately retorted:”Well at least I have enough hair to have dandruff!”

Touche! or should that be Toupee!?


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