Is our standard American diet making us stupid?

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When we skimp on the good stuff and indulge too much in the bad, we miss out on essential nutrients. “Essential”, meaning we need them!! Those nutrients play a significant role in the way our bodies AND minds perform. Nutritional deficiencies have been identified as a  factor in ADHD to Alzheimer’s disease. The symptoms of poor brain function are improved by dietary changes, supplements and other remedies. Obviously not smoking, regular exercise and a positive outlook help too!

Everyone has had  those days when we “just didn’t have time” to eat, or we only had time for the fast food dive-thru. Sound about right? Now try and remember how you felt on that day. Maybe you found it difficult to concentrate, possibly had trouble answering simple questions or perhaps a little more stressed than normal? Now imagine eating poorly day in and day out. The more you deprive your brain of what it needs, the more it’s going to deprive you of what you need, which in this case is your ability to think and make intelligent decisions. I’ve known people who had so much knowledge in a certain area, yet when tested on that subject, failed! Guess why? Their breakfast before the exam was a cup of sugary coffee and a pastry. Go figure! 

A diet rich in antioxidants is best; for instance garlic, blueberries, fruits, vegetables (especially greens), green tea, nuts, and raw foods whenever possible. Also include protein; lean beef, chicken, fish (omega 3’s) and eggs. The body makes brain-awakening neurotransmitters when you eat protein, therefore start your day with a breakfast that includes it. Throw in some complex carbohydrates and you’re on your way!  

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