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This is the second in my series of Bukisa’s writer of the day. Today’s choice is an energetic woman, who writes articles on an entire series of subjects. In her article “How I wrote 100 articles in 30 Days” she explains that she takes her articles from things that are happening in her life, hobbies she enjoys, new things she has tried, and a host of other sources.

Tammierene is my choice for Bukisa’s writer of the day!

Her way of coming up with topics certainly works because she is prolific writer and has many articles here Bukisa.

She is also an extremely easy writer to follow as her style is clear and concise and almost conversational as informs you about writing or gives you instructions on how to make perfumed oils.

The wide range of topics she writes about is sure to make it easy for every one to find at least one article of hers they enjoy.

To read some of this great authors work visit her profile page at:

About the Writer of the day series:

The Writer of the day series began as an effort to help build the Bukisa community into a closer knit and more active community where writer could not only publish their work and earn money, but share their goals, ambition, and writing ideas with one another.

Having a supportive community behind you helps to keep writers on target for their goals and make the entire writing experience richer because we will be sharing our success and failures with other writers who truly understand what we are going through.

I urge everyone to take the time, to at least introduce one Bukisa writer so that others may get to know them and their work.


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