Choose to get a Living Christmas Tree

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I got tired of fighting crowds to get that yearly Christmas tree. I decided enough is enough and went to look for a permanent solution. I found out the are indoor potted tress people refer to as a living Christmas tree. I looked around and found they even sold them at the big box retailers. I decided to give it a chance. I have now enjoyed my Christmas tree year round for several years.

This is a great alternative to save money or to be a little more green. It is also great fun to decorate the same beautiful tree each year as it grows and flourishes. You will no longer be dragging that bulking shedding dead tree to the curb. I hope you now are convinced to give a living tree a chance.

I would recommend going to a nursery instead of a big box store. The nursery staff should have a much better understanding of the care your tree needs. Make sure to ask them any question you have. You will have a small amount of responsibility for watering and fertilizing the tree according to its requirements. Try to get a set of care directions from the nursery.

I hope you chose to have a Living Christmas Tree. You will be doing yourself and the planet a big favor. Make sure to tell the staff at the nursery your preference between a spruce or pine. They will also likely have fir trees. I hope you will have a wonderful Living Christmas Tree for many years to come. Merry Christmas!


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