How to Get Your Children Love You

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In the beginning parenting seemed to be a snap. You could change a diaper, warm the bottle up, hold your child for twenty minutes and everything was fine. Well not quite that easy, but it seemed easier than it is now. All you do now is run back and forth to sporting events whether your child plays or not. Rush around the house quick when your find out someone is coming to pick up all the socks, shoes and other articles of clothing everywhere. Maybe your constantly wondering why your thirteen year old son hate the fact that your even tring to help him with his life.

Step back away from your family for a minute and watch them. Does your spouse seem to be in the same mind maze your in. If not, I would start there for support or words of incouragement. Sometime this difference in view point toward the whole family can become the water that freezes and cracks the rock. Plus, it is easiser to get in touch with your spouse than your child, remember that!

Don’t get dicouraged there is still hope even if your spouse seems to out in left field somewhere. Concertrate on one child at a time.

1. What are his or her characteristics?

2. Are these characteristics familar?9Have you seen them in yourself or some one else close to you?)

3. Build a mental/ social fence around you and your child. ( a coral)

4. Make sure that your child understands your thier parent and not their friend.

5. Show them that a parent is the best type of friend to have.

These steps will help you calm your childs social whirlwind inside of them. They understand what freinds are, who they are, and what they mean to them. When they find out exactuly what a parent is and there are no false fronts or masks anymore. Then see that the parent also can befreind  them. They recognize this as LOVE!


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