How to Tell If Your Man is Cheating Part 2

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<u>Honey Lets Try This</u> 

You both are in the mood and he suddenly want to try something bizzare. You’re wondering what could possibly make him want to try something that was totally out of character for him. He maybe cheating and wants to try something he did with her.

<u>Please Please Please</u> 

Don’t believe that every woman you see him with is his cousin. Wake up! he can’t possibly have that many cousins that are all over him in front of you. Question him.

<u>Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag</u>

If your man is cheap about buying anything for himself. You notice new clothing in the closet. He is spending money for cologne, shoes, shirts etc.He is cheating on you big time.


Often he comes home and does not want to have sex with you until later. Maybe because he’s spent and needs time to recuperate. He needs time for any war wounds to heal. Wouldn’t want you to see that. Like the next day or next week. He is cheating.

<u>Check the Power Tool</u>

If his member has scratches from pubic hair cuts not caused by your va jayjay, he is definitely cheating on you. Some men that are well endowed may scratch small spaces. Inspect it especially when examining it during oral presentation. If anything thing looks strange…take note and talk about it. He may think he’s getting away but he’s actually hurting himself.

Just watch for the signs! The best way to stop his madness is to catch him in the act. Question him and don’t be afraid of the answers.   


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