Hank Williams to Taylor Swift

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Hank Williams to Taylor Swift

by Keith Sweeney

I’m from a small town in north east Pa. Country music has played a huge role in my families life, and especially mine. I am getting so sick and tired of everyone saying how much country music has changed in the last ten years. How it isn’t even country music anymore. My point is that Hank Williams wasn’t country music to most people who thought they knew everything about country music either.

They are right to say that there is a change going through the industry. That’s O.K. there always was a change happening. Hank was not the same as Elvis, Cash was not the same as Monroe, Twitty was not the same as etc.. all the way up to the newest artist breaking out today.Change is not the most evil thing to hit the industry. Money is the most evil thing to hit the industry.

The biggest change came when someone decided that the musical artist should be placed on a pedastool and given lots of money. And in return of this the artists needed to fill the pockets of the industry excutives. This was the beginning of the end for any music industry.

Music was never thought of as something you had to spend your hard earned money toward. Yes people have always bought albums and paid to see a show, but never the price thay do now. For the artist the smaller the world seems to get with the invent of multimedia player and communication devises the greater the revenue. But I’ll save that for another blog.

So the moral of the story is stop wasting your time hating the way country music is changing because that is like hating the sky because it’s blue, and injoy listening to whatever music you like too because it all is at your fingertips!


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