Reflexology Shoes Give You A Walking Health Massage

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You come home at the end of a long working day and relax in a vibrating recliner that massages your back and legs. You let go of stress. Then you put on some reflexology massaging shoes or slippers and walk for health and relaxation. You treat yourself to a refreshing walking massage. Your evening has just begun.

Reflexology is based on a traditional eastern medicine belief that the body’s energy is blocked sometimes and that you can restore health by unblocking the flow of the energy. One way you can unblock the energy or chi is by massaging and pressing an area associated with it. Some of these areas are reflexology zones in feet and hands that affect different parts of the body. Reflexology is a kind of bodywork involving massaging and pressing areas on the feet or hands to balance the body’s energy.

An imbalance may cause illness or signal trouble. If you have hard skin, calluses and tender spots on your feet that could be an indication of problems in corresponding areas of your body. Pressing and massaging those areas of your feet or hands and body can help to restore healthy functioning in those areas of your body and improve your health. Having reflexology foot massages can also relieve stress, improve circulation and invigorate the body. The therapeutic massages can also help you feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. Reflexology massages can also help you lose weight and improve your appearance.

You can massage your hands and feet yourself and you can wear reflexology shoes that give you a walking massage. Stimulating the reflex points in your feet can be as easy as slipping on a pair of rubber sandals. Wearing reflexology shoes could help you to relax, increase your circulation, improve your metabolism, have a detoxifying effect, improve your complexion and revitalize your body. When you wear reflexology shoes you’re having a foot massage so don’t wear them all day. Put them on to stimulate your reflexology points, for a foot massage or to relax and refresh your feet if they’re tired.

Reflexology shoes come in a variety of styles and materials including magnetic reflexology shoes, sandals, rubber sandals, rubber clogs and wooden shoes. Some magnetic shoes have magnets and small massage knobs placed in them. The magnets stimulate the major reflexology points and the massage knobs improve the circulation of the feet and legs. This helps to ease foot problems like tired or hurt feet. You can also buy reflexology slippers and insoles to put in your shoes. Many of these reflexology products are very inexpensive and you can find them online.


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