Surviving Relationship Breakups

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Sometimes no matter what we do our relationship breaks up and we are left alone. How do we survive the break up and keep on with our lives without our partner?
The first thing we have to do is allow ourselves time to grieve especially if the relationship was a long term one. This does not mean that we have to be sad all of the time. If something good happens we must allow ourselves to enjoy the moment and put the sadness to the side. We must try to keep ourselves in the present. Sadness is to be expected but we must balance the sadness and not allow it to consume us.
The next thing is to contact friends and family and get out and about. We may not feel like doing this but it is important to the healing process. Try to talk about their lives and not just about our problems as this will allow us to move on more quickly. It’s okay to want to talk but by listening to their problems we will shift the focus away from ourselves allowing us a respite now and again.
If people offer help or support, accept it. Trying to go it alone makes the breakup much harder to cope with. If we try to be positive people will readily offer support but if we refuse to help ourselves we can’t expect other people to do all the work.
We must be kind to ourselves during this time. Visits to the hairdresser or beauty parlor can boost our confidence and make us feel better. Lighting scented candles at home, taking relaxing baths and even experimenting with make up helps us to feel good about ourselves even if it is only for a little while.
Indulging ourselves by watching our favorite films, reading our favorite books and just taking time for ourselves will help us to realize that we can have fun and enjoy ourselves on our own. This may be difficult at first but persevere and things will improve. Remember that we are special and we don’t need someone else there to tell us that. 
When we wake up every morning we should take time to think about the good things we have in our life. This only takes a few minutes but by doing this we start the day in a positive way. 
Relationship breakups are hard but time is a great healer and if we make an effort to get through the tough times, the good times soon follow.


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