A Seed Can Not Grow With Out Someone Planting It

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Some of us walk through life believing in our religion teachings not really knowing if that teaching is truth.  Life is created out of love, created from the dust of the earth by the hands of the ALMIGHTY unseen creator.  I couldn’t tell you if the creator of man is the angels who guards man or the creator who created them, I know that there is a creator not only do I know and have been spoken too in my dreams by a higher source, but for a seed to grow someone has to plant it, I don’t care if it’s a word, letter, advice, a fruit , a thought someone has to plant the seed for it to grow.  Whether that seed is bad or good.  Seeds are a precious substance of life that’s why we have to be careful how we plant various seeds.  Our children at a young age pick up everything that is said around them, if you curse around them they will pick it up and use it, a lot of kids do their bad acts when they are away from their parents.  We must watch what we do around our kids and what we say.  If you want your child to grow up learning the good things in life talk positive around them, you probably would have to home school them, its hard these days trying to keep the good acts in your child in America especially when they attend public school and every parent raising is different.   How do we know that we are planting the right seed?   How do we know what’s right or wrong?

It is much harder for a child that births a child when it comes to raising a child on her own.  She bailey knows her name.  How can she raise a child?   See here in America kids or people in general learn some things late.  One of the ways you learn how to raise a child as a child in America is by having one or if you’re the older sister or brother and your mother had a late child you might be responsible for raising that child usually when that happens a lot of the times the older sister or brother don’t birth any kids of there own unless it is late in their age.  A child is like a fruit precious you have to handle it gentle, with care.


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