Meet Dave review

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Meet Dave (Film Only Review) 

Note: This is only a review of the film but I have seen it twice once in the cinema and recently on Sky so I don`t know what special features there are!

Dave is an alien spaceship who has been sent down to Earth with lots of little alien humans inside it who control him! Dave finds out about life on Earth and experiences all sorts of new emotions and feelings while there but there is a reason why he has come to Earth (which I won`t reveal here! Apparently the film is similar to Men In Black but I have not seen that film so can`t really agree or disagree!  

However what I can say is that this film in my opinion is quite cheesy and also has many funny moments and I think Eddie Murphy does a good job of acting in a slightly weird role! The plot is not the best around and does borrow ideas from lots of places! 

This film is probably ideal to watch as a family and I think anyone could watch it and probably enjoy it! It is rated as a PG for action, some language (not sure what this is!) and some humour! It is also good to watch if you don`t want to think too much about what`s happening in a movie. 

This is an interesting film and I would recommend watching it as it is quite entertaining and does provide a few laughs (some of the humour is good and some is bad) 

Also I would like to say don`t watch this movie expecting to find some great sci-fi special effects as there are not any! 

I am not really sure why it is rated 1 star on Ciao and I think that is totally unfair and would give it a 3.5/5 but I am going to be generous and give it 4 star because I think it is a decent film and should be rated higher! 

Overall, I think this a decent, fun family film suitable for all and I would recommend you watch it but I would not rush out to buy it exactly! 

Meet Dave was released on 18th July 2008 and I would recommend you try watching it! 



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