Marble Blast Ultra Arcade Game Review

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Marble Blast Ultra is a puzzle game for the Xbox 360 and is developed and published by Garage Games. This is an arcade game and therefore you buy it with Microsoft points and this game now costs only 400 points which is really cheap and about £3.20!

The objective of the game is to control a marble and you have to get to the end point in a set amount of time and then unlock a new level and you continue like this through the game but the levels get harder and harder and sometimes you have to collect other things to pass the level. Some obstacles include moving platforms, gravity changers and you also get some power ups to help you and my favourite is mega marble which makes you a massive marble temporarily. 

There are 3 difficulty levels, hard, intermediate or beginner. There are 60 different levels some harder than others to complete and some fun to be had on the way!  

You can also play online but it is less fun and I prefer the single player campaign. Online you have to try and collect gems quicker than the other players. 

The controls are good and are quite accurate so you cannot blame them if you fall off the egde or are not quick enough! 

This is a fun little game which is very cheap and well worth downloading due to its unique fun and price. I have never seen or played a marble game before in my life but apparently there are a couple but in my opinion this is the best one as I have never played any others! 

Overall this is a good game and it comes with a very reasonable price tag making it worth buying! 

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