4 Good Ways to Make Money Blogging

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1. Host Adsense ads. This is what most bloggers do to create a profit on their blogs. If your blog or Web site gets enough traffic (normally around 1,000 to 5,000 visitors a month is enough), you can sign up for Google’s ad-serving network to host small, text-based ads on your site (sort of like the ones you see on this page). Depending on what space you’ve set aside for them, how you integrate them into your site, and how relevant they are to your site’s content, they can attract enough click traffic to earn you an income.

2. Host paid ads from agencies. These may be text-based, or banner ads. This method makes slightly more money, but it’s a little more work to manage. Start by putting a message on your site that says “contact me about advertising on this site,” with a link to your email address. Advertisers will contact you to negotiate for ad space – you can also approach them, if you know how to find them (see this article for a little more info on that.) They usually like to pay a flat, monthly fee. You can gauge how much to charge based on how many clicks those ads generate – if you hosted Adsense first, you’ll develop some idea of how much that is.

3. Host paid links on your site. In this scenario, a company or another Web site pays you for hosting a link back to their site. The link is usually designed to drive Google authority rather than click traffic, so this method only works if your site gets a lot of traffic and has a large page rank. This method is also considered slightly “black hat,” and is somewhat disapproved of by Google. But clever Web designers can integrate their paid links seamlessly, so it’s not obvious to viewers.

4. Sell something. This is the most straightforward, and by far the most lucrative, means of earning money from a blog. The product you sell doesn’t have to be a physical item – it can be an ebook you’ve written, a whitepaper on a topic you have expertise in, or just about anything else your audience would be interested in. It may take some marketing expertise to sell it effectively, but earning income from a product you’ve created can be one of the best and most rewarding ways to earn money online.

More information on making money with a blog can be found here, and other online business information is available at this business schools Web site.


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