How to be a successful internet dater

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1. Go cheap and join several free internet dating sites at once. Why it’s a numbers game the sites you’re on the better your chances are of meeting someone. As you start to look around on the internet you will find that there are so many totally free sites, and many of the same people that are on the paid sites are the free sites as well, so why not go for the free first.

2. Take some time on your profile and ask your friends help you too look at it and give you some suggestions on how you can improve it. You  can even have a friend help you take some pictures to put on the sites, pictures are what sell you the best. Make sure you don’t  use a camera phone and post any naked chest shots or pictures of tattoos. You also want to make sure you look happy in your pictures and if you do feel a need to put in pictures of your animals or children only post one make sure the rest are of you.

3.Be prepaired to email on the dating site many times before asking for a person email or phone number, this could take one day or several days depending on the other person, just be patient.

4. For some dating comes easy for some it is harder that is the way life is, you are going to have to be OK with that. With that in mind be OK with being rejected, this will com in  several ways, your letters may not get answered, you may get a kind no, or the worst is your letter get deleted, it is not personal so don’t take it that way. Does that mean you give up, no it means you continue your quest of dating and keep sending out the letters someone will answer you and you will get a date.

5. When selecting people to send letters to, be open to who you are willing to ask out. Sure it easy to dream about having the perfect match, but again this is a number game and you never really know who you might like. So start asking out some people you might typically go for. At worst you have spent a couple hours  with someone that might be a new friend. Think of it this way the more you go out the better dater you become.

6. Don’t let your desire for a relationship make you become obsessed with your internet dating life, it cannot consume you. Set some time aside each day and don’t let your self go over that time, then let it go and continue on with your life. Between looking at profiles and answering emails it can take up all your free time and you will find you have nothing left.

7. Be patient, all dating is a process, everything takes times. If the profile is not working and you are not getting positive results take a good look at it again and see if maybe it needs some work. After all we all need to keep things fresh and new.

So get out there, log on and start dating, you are never going to find that special someone just sitting at home.


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