Reflection: It is Who You Are

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Basically I do not know what to call this article. I was being creative when I was feeling down. Somehow I want/need to write something about reflection. Why do we hate being ourselves sometimes, it about regrets, pain and hate. From those feeling how to turn it into positive and move on with your life?

Reflection, who are you?

I don’t like what I’m seeing.

You always ripping me with those eyes.

I feel insecure as if you are mocking me.

Do I despise you that much?

Reflection, why can’t I breathe?

Are you here to hurt me?

Your hands are hot around my neck.

Reflection, why are you smiling?

Are you happy now reflection…

Reflection, You have disappeared?

A part of me still believe you’re here.

Will you come back to haunt me?

Reflection… i realized

You are me and I am you.

Forever and always.


Well I hope you like It, I know I do. I been having problem with accepting myself and how I behave, I can’t help but too pleased people and abandon my own feelings. Because of that I keep punishing myself for it. I stop believing in myself, I was really depressed by this feeling. Writing this has lift up my spirit again and remembering other things that make me happy. So all I want to know now is, have you guys ever hated yourself? What do you do to make you feel better? What part of you that you wanted to change? I know I really need to express myself and show how I truly feel about others. Leave a comment so we can share.  I can’t wait for your stories.


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