romance and love

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A girl named Eden

 I look into my Eden, stare deeply into her beauty captivated by the mere glimpse of her, I look upon her and see the millions of scarlet roses that flow down her face covering her ears, I keep following her beauty down to her aqua eyes looking deep into them seeein what lies within them, I slowly look down from my trance and see her clouds for lips and as I slowly press my lips to her’s I feel new life being breathed into my soul and this simple kiss feels as though all the angels of heaven are trumpeting at once for love has come love has come…… as we lay here i feel her warm embrace as though it is the sun enveloping me in the warmth of her glow and i smile for i know this is truly peace this is truly Eden.

The heart’s known secret

 I feel my heart flutter from her simple touch as though a secret had been made between my heart and hers, though i worry not for i can feel this secret of my heart this feeling that it holds and i enjoy it for it feels warm, and as i lay here basking in the warmth of this beautiful secret i hope one day all will know this secret , but this secret between me and her is what is important as of now and though my heart holds this secret dear i already know it i learned it from her simple touch


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