some break up poems

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 The Cold

The bleakness, the hollow, empty bleaknes, the nothingness that is the now, that is the past, as well, every secret whispered, a lie every hug, a slap every kiss, was truly u spitting in my face and though i was in love it mattered not, i suppose it wasnt just your room that was so cold. 

 Three lines of Good-Bye

I look unto these three lines, these words, i see them, i can read them, but i cant understand them, slowly as the definition makes shape i laugh and smile as no tears will fall for now i get it for each week we were together theres a sentence, the entirety of our relationship broken down to nothing more than a hand full of words on a computer screen. but still i laugh and i feel a bit of joy that we didnt last longer then she would of had to write more

Love Demon

This beast that lay inside of me, There is no controlling it. There is norunning from it, There is no hiding from it, It is it within itself, Though I fear not this beast, For it is not filled with hatred but with love, Yet it destroys all it touches, Killing, burning, destroying all things in its wake, Yet there is one thing this beast , This demon, Yeilds to, And that is her my love, She brings me joy, Her voice soothes it, Her touch brings it to ash, Allowing the man inside to come out and show her the love, My love, Though in the end it is for naught, As the beast reemerges itself from the man, Swallowing the maiden and flying off to its next feast of tears


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