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If life is pulling you down maybe it is because you are dwelling on the past or you have not pulled the cord on your employment for the weekend. One way to deal with the stress is change your way of thinking, that you refuse to think the way you did before. Do that until you feel good about yourself.

A lot of doctors today realize that much of the stress causes real diseases not just psychsomatic symptoms. Years agowe would say the person thinks he is ill or has a certain disease now we know that certain negative emotions can lead to real effectst may not be reversible.

If it is a negative that you have internalized, it is likely to build up as a disease. one could look at women who coped with the death of two husbands and the stress of “going back to work” and can see the origins of a hyperactive thyroid and the increased metabolism that went with it. The thought of having to be play mother and father roles does increase unwanted tension and emotions. Surely they could have developed that later but the emotions that were absorbed probably caused the onset of that and that then set the stage for other ills, like a decrease on bone density, diabetes and eye ailments.

The negative emotions that go with unhealthy competition can be internalized. An individual might think he is unworthy and lose his self esteem. Such a person can come up with an autoimmune ailment, perhaps one of those disease where there is an abundance of immunoglobulins that accumulate under the skin and start to cause a scaling of the superficial layers, perhaps it can be psoriasis. There is no definite cure for this other than gene therapy and all cures treat the symptoms not the cause. The root of the physiological change is the accumulated stress.

In the above examples if one can recognize when an onset is going to occur one may be less likely to entertain the thought of being depressed or feeling stressed out. Recognition of the onset is as vital as is turning the negative into something positive. In addition one has to set goals and actually believe they will attainable in order to focus on the process and less on the static along the way, including the rhetoric from friends that would not make the same decisions.


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