Nocturnal submissions

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 As I lay here I look deep into the night sky, I look to the stars and I see that we are not so different, They are surrounded by such a darkness that seperates them so much from another, For they are by themselves able to see but never feel the light and the love of others, As I continue to look into my reflection I watch a star die its death magnificent as it streaks across the night sky, These deaths of these stars each falling screaming through the night then dieing makes me ask the question should i follow suit, My answer to this question is a simple no, I will just continue to burn even if for only one more night.

Twilight (and no this has nothing to do with the vampire books)

As i look i see this eternal twilight, this holy glow from an evil city, lighting the night making the darkness hide deep within the shadows never able to envelope the world, When the sun rises the story is the same, things never happen as they should, for all the brightness and cheer is gone in the place it is just grayness, as though in the light this city holds no fear and the true extent of its evil comes out, and i laugh for nonetheless in neither the brightness of night nor darkness of day will i get any sleep.

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