Non Medical Effects of Smoking

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Clothes Smell

Cigarette smoke lingers in your clothes and can be hard to remove unless you wash everything. This means that leather, suede and other dry clean only clothes have to be cleaned professional after you smoke or spend time in a room with smokers.

House Smells

If you smoke in the house, your furniture, bed mattresses, clean clothes, pillows and carpeting will smell of smoke. Your walls turn yellowish brown and your windows have tar and nicotine build up that needs to be cleaned weekly. TV screens, wood and any other items in the house smell of smoke and get a film of tar build up.

Yellowing Fingers and Teeth

Your fingers turn yellow from the tar and nicotine from smoking cigarettes. If you have long fingernails, the nails are not white, but they are yellow. Your teeth turn yellow from the smoke and when you smile, the white teeth you once had are now yellow. Even if you use a whitener on your teeth, continued smoking will fight against the whitening.


Fires result when someone throws a cigarette in the garbage or it falls out of the ashtray and onto the floor. Mattress fires, garage fires and garbage fires can go undetected for long periods leaving the fire to spread quickly.

Driving Accidents

Accidents can happen when driving if you drop a cigarette and take your eyes off the road to retrieve it. When you throw a cigarette out the window, it can fly back in and start a fire in the car while you are driving. If could fly in a car window behind you causing that driver problems on the road.

Bad Breath

If you smoke, your breath is repelling. It smells of smoke and if you smoke a lot, your mouth can smell like a use ashtray. You can brush your teeth, use mouthwash and nothing will eliminate the smell unless you stop smoking altogether.


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